How it works:

1. When you check out items from GrubMarket, on the bottom of the Order Review page (before the order is submitted to PayPal check-out flow) you will have a chance to enter a GrubMarket Rebate Code (i.e.8888):

2. After entering the Rebate Code, you will be directed to the PayPal checkout page to finish the payment. Once payment is done, you can review the order and the pricing of every single item with 10% rebate on the Order Confirmation (GrubMarket) page. We will also send out an Order Confirmation email regarding the Rebate amount along with the date (within one week). 
3. GrubMarket will then send the Rebate money to you, either via PayPal, or a check to your shipping address if your does not have a PayPal account.


We believe this rebate program is a great promotion for your Grubmarket store and more potential sales! We also recommend you to post this time-limited deal on your social media accounts to let your customers know this great deal ASAP (via Facebook/Twitter, Farmer's Markets, etc).

We wish you greatest success on Grubmarket and hope our FREE DELIVERY service and REBATE program will provide even more convenience and cost savings to you. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Happy Selling!!!
The GrubMarket Team
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