Marketing at GrubMarket
Marketing Specialist


GrubMarket, an online company that sources organic food directly from farmers to businesses and consumers, recently closed a $90 million funding round to further grow its business. The company plans to make acquisitions and expand before its IPO, which the company has scheduled for the end of 2021.

GrubMarket plans to significantly expand from its home state of California to the east coast in New York and New Jersey by end of this year. Recently, the company acquired So Cal Farm Network, another company that sources organic and healthy foods from farms to business.

We are currently seeking a full-time Marketing Specialist position.


  • Analyze GrubMarkets business models to develop and devise methods and procedures to collect data, design survey instrument for survey interviewers to complete data gathering; (15%)
  • Analyze purchasing data, sales volume data and inventory data, generate procurement, sales, inventory cost and customers area using Tableau in order to optimize marketing channels to connect with our potential customers; (20%)
  • Formulate annually marketing strategy by conducting competition and market situation analysis based on the business environment and economic development of consumer markets; (20%)
  • Collect and analyze daily relevant data relating to warehouse sale market in areas of property conditions, market dynamics, management from primary and secondary sources; (10%)
  • Establish a new performance evaluation system for all products including purchase, sales, inventory, and finance system to manage our performance via MySQL, Python, windows etc., identify companys advertising and promotional needs; (20%)
  • Prepare written reports and oral presentations during regular conference to visualize data, interpret survey results, forecast sales trends; (10%)
  • Design satisfaction metrics for both customers and employees to assess external and internal satisfaction. (5%)


  • Master Degree in Marketing, Intl. Marketing or Related
  • 24 months experience as Marketing specialist, marketing analyst or related
  • Knowledge of Tableau, MySQL, Python, CRM system
  • Any applicant who is interested may submit resume w/code to: 1925 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124

Contact Information:

  • Contact Name: Yang Wei